Booking Process Explained


A Boots Live Experience campaign can do wonders for your brand, but like any marketing activity, careful planning is crucial.

Set out below is a generic project plan for a typical face-to-face campaign in-store at Boots. It sets out the key areas for consideration, who is responsible for each task and an indicative timeframe involved for each. Typically, it takes six weeks for Boots to approve a Boots Live Experience campaign from the day it is proposed online. Therefore campaigns need to be proposed at least six weeks before the planned first day of activity.

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart

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Clearly, more complex campaigns may require longer lead times. Contact the Boots Live Experience team who can advise you accordingly.

Special Circumstances

Are you running out of time? Please note, despite the guide six-week lead time, the Boots Live Experience team will endeavour to help you. Get in touch and we'll see if it's humanly possible to implement your campaign in less than the six week guidelines.

Proposing a Campaign

If you have a clear idea of the kind of activity you want to undertake, head for the My Campaigns page. Here you can propose your campaign and obtain a quotation. A member of the Boots Live Experience team will then be in touch to discuss your campaign in detail and firm up on the quotation.

Alternatively, if you need to discuss your requirements, we’d be delighted to advise on the best approach for your brand and your marketing objectives. Call us on the contact number provided in the top right hand corner of this page.

Campaign Confirmation

Once you have confirmed your acceptance of the quotation, you will be asked to input a PO number for the first 70% of the fees set out in the quotation. At this point the first invoice will be raised for payment as per our standard terms and conditions. As soon as this invoice is paid, the campaign approval process will commence.

Campaign approval

As soon as you have proposed your campaign and you have confirmed your acceptance of the quotation, as per the project plan above, your campaign will then go through an approval process lasting approximately six weeks. One by one, each element of your campaign, from risk assessment to show material, will be assessed and either approved or declined, with an automated email keeping you up to date with progress.

Your campaign will be given the green light as soon as all of these elements have been approved.